From Cape Cod to American Idol

Siobhan Magnus was just a small town Cape Cod girl before making it all the way to the American Idol Main Stage in Los Angeles. Despite being launched into the public eye, she has done it on her own terms and maintained her own uniqueness. The Boston Bazaar was lucky enough to sit down with Siobhan and get some details on how her time in the spotlight has gone and what’s to come next!

What was life like on Cape Cod? Are you still there?
“Yes, I’m still there. Life on Cape Cod is this big world. If you didn’t have some big reason to cross the bridge, then you don’t. After I had been away for a while, I was just like ‘God, I miss Cape Cod’ — When you’re done being a bratty teenager and hating on the cape, then you’re like ‘Whoa, its actually really really cool’ and I’m proud of it”

Where did your passion for singing being?
“On my trampoline and in my shower. Also, my father is a singer and he taught me how to stand up straight, position your body, lift your ribs, how to breathe right, and everything and that was my introduction into ‘This is an art’ not just dancing in your underwear to Spice Girls.”

You were the lead singer of a local Cape Cod band – Lunar Valve. How did that come about?

“I intend for Lunar Valve to always be there as my outlet for the weirdest, most experimental like drawn out, self-indulgent whatever!”

Your first single was released on iTunes in May . What was the success?

“Beatrice Dream” reached number #88 of the Top 100 Downloads in Finland. However, it was above Pokerface, and if Pokerfeace is in their top 100…then I don’t know!”

You’ve said you’d like to have a career very much like Rob Zombies – film, art, music, fashion. Is it one at a time or all at once?

“It’s so hard to say, and I don’t know why anyone would say ‘I’m going to be this” and that’s the end. I very much aspire to just work so hard at this that we get to the point, that you earn your freedom.”

What’s next on the agenda?

(In reference to an upcoming show) “This is my first show that I have enough material of my own that it’s my own concert, not just cover songs. Every show that I do, whenever I’m done, I always think about the scene in (Tim Burton’s) The Nightmare Before Christmas after they finish the song “This is Halloween, This is Halloween” and all the monsters say “It’s Over! We did it! Wasn’t it terrifying?!’ But that’s the best part!”

What drives you?

“Anger, stubbornness, and OCD and a few positive things – friends, family…and cheese! I’m an angsty kid with a lot to say”

If not singing, what career would you pursue?

“If I couldn’t sing, and you asked me I’d say it depends the day of the week”

Siobhan Magnus is filled with plans for the future. Maybe fashion design, hopefully cinema makeup, and potentially owning and running an animal shelter. Either way, Siobhan Magnus is one to look out for. Be sure to check out her music via iTunes and YouTube. Hopefully you’ll soon see her on tour in a town near you!

Siobhan Magnus’ Fashion Profile

Favorite designer? Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen

Favorite shoes?  Doc Martens

Favorite accessory? I wear the same necklace for about 3 months and then switch it up.

Silver or gold? Silver

Name one clothing item you can’t live without? The most bummy Dickies sweatshirts with long john lining and a cut up tee-shirt sown on the back. I’ve wore it just every day, to the point that the wrists are all tattered.

Favorite Idol outfit? Elvis Outfit – A Female Vegas Elvis. White pencil skirt, blouse and cut up double collared trench coat.


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