A Series Hit: Jane by Design

ABC Family has definitely grabbed our attention.  Already going into the third week of their winter season they are home to some of our favorite shows this season: The Lying Game, Switched at Birth, and the brand new hit Jane by Design.  Now for all of you Gossip Girl and 90210 lovers there is definitely a lot less sex, but the scandal, drama, and fashion are still there.

Jane by Design, Making its series premiere this season, is about a high school girl who, by a mistake (or total mislead) in identity has scored an executive assistant job in the fashion world.  Now, we all know the difficult life of an assistant in fashion (duh, Devil Wears Prada taught us everything we need to know), but picture that on top of the teenage angst of being a high school student that definitely stands out from the American Eagle/Hollister crowd with a bevy of financial problems that her well-to-do peers will never have to worry about. We immediately understood her stress when her fellow classmate opened the season with “Where’d you get that outfit, the Goodwill?”  And we all wanted her to scream: “YES, bitch, and it’s awesome.”

Each week we get to join Jane as she bolts from school at 11am everyday to get to the big city and hold things down at the office while her boss is away, joining her only for their daily video chats.  And as if a busy life wasn’t enough, she’s got a pretty interesting love triangle (square?) forming between high school hunk Nick Fadden, dashing British ladies’ man and designer Jeremy Jones, and possibly her childhood best friend Billy Nutter (who we all secretly want ourselves).

So, get into it.  Check it out every Tuesday at 9pm on ABC Family.  Plus, you never know who is going to make an appearance.  Our favorite costume designer and mastermind behind the Sex and the City wardrobe, Patricia Fields, had a cameo in the last episode.

We predict big things for Jane and you better believe our butts are glued to the sofa every Tuesday at 9.


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