Five stars in five days: This week’s top five shops in Boston

Five stars, five days.  However you want to think of it, these five shops are worthy of paying a visit to — and soon, because before you know it we will bring another fabulous five, so there’s no time to waste!

5. Artifaktori — 22A College Avenue Davis Square, MA (617) 776-3708

Number Five on this week’s favorite list is the darling vintage shop Artifaktori.  Created by vintage connoisseur, Amy Berkowitz, the shop gives immediate gratification to any nostalgic fantasies you may be having.  With tons of vintage shops in this city to revel in, Artifaktori should definitely be your first stop if you’re looking for something unique and retro.

  • Insider tip: They’ve got a Charles Street shop that opened in July with a bevy of treasures, and their staff is full of bloggers, designers, and stylists so no question will ever go unanswered.
  • Type: Women’s, Men’s Vintage
  • Price: $$$

4. Louis Boston — 60 Northern Ave Boston, MA (617)262-6100

For this week’s #4, you’ll need to travel over to the waterfront at Fan Pier, but have faith in the fact that the trip will be worth the extra mileage.  Louis Boston, “pronounced Loooeeez,” was founded by Louis Pearlstein way back in the 1800s and still manages to be one of Boston’s best treasures.  With a beautifully clean open layout and a multitude of racks to sift through, take an afternoon off and have a visit.  The sales associates might not be on top of you, but they’ll come if you need them.

  • Insider tip: They like bloggers. They’ve hosted blogger events and have even featured their fashion forward favorites on their page.
  • Type: Women’s, Men, designer
  • Price: $$$$

3. Steve Madden — 324A Newbury Sreet Boston, MA (617) 262-4600

Steve Madden has stepped it up in terms of contemporary trends and has not disappointed with prices that can make any closet look perfect. This season, shoes will play a pivotal role in how you portray the marriage between your style and this season’s top trends.  With “Madden Girl” shoes lingering around the $50 mark and combat boots and Jeff Campbell look-a-likes only around $99, your pockets will not suffer.  Granted, you might pick up a pair of $275 boots but you can either put them down or take advantage of one of the sales they always have going on.

  • Insider tip: Students get 10% off with a valid ID, there is a sale with up to 50% off happening now! They’re also opening a bigger store at 118 Newbury Street with a men’s section!
  • Type: Women’s, shoes, accessories
  • Price: $$$

2. LF Boston — 353 Newbury Street Boston, MA (617)236-1213

Number Two this week is pretty special.  One, there is no online shopping so you’re going to have to brave the mess that is LF, but two, there is no place that can top the best trends in Boston fashion.  LF has everything to transform your closet, from 90s flashbacks and LA inspiration to the Jeffrey Campbells everyone loves.  The same dress could go into any closet — rock star, hippie, intuitive fashionista — and can be pulled off a million ways, all with perfection.  You just know you’re going to look good no matter what’s in that bag when you leave. Love the staff.

  • Insider tip: If the price tags leave you with a bit of buyer’s remorse, they have seasonal sales that can send you home with your favorite pieces for up to 60% off. They also offer personalized styling sessions if you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • Type: Women’s, accessories, shoes, vintage
  • Price: $$$

1. Lola’s Urban Vintage — 187 Harvard Ave Allston, MA (617)254-5652

Whether you are living in Boston or just having a visit, you cannot leave this city without making your way over to Lola’s in Allston.  Parking will be difficult so leave the car at a meter in front of Kelly’s and Lola is literally right next door.  You get the feeling that only a select few fabulous individuals in the city know about this awesome little niche shop. Lola’s, owned and operated by the talented Nicoletta, houses some of the best vintage, homemade, and artistic clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories in the city.  There is no way to walk into this store without walking out with something you will love forever, and you will not break bank because her price ranges are awesome enough to give you a few key pieces for the price of one at some of these other vintage shops. We’re talking about vintage hats, studded jackets, fringe tops, 80s and 90s styles, and jewelry that you can be sure no one else will have.

  • Insider tip: Nicoletta makes a lot of the jewelry and artwork in the shop. She’s definitely on the rise so treat yourself and grab one of her originals.  There have also been whispers of some men’s clothing making its way through the doors.
  • Type: Women’s, vintage, clothing, accessories, shoes, vintage, art
  • Price: $$

Price guide
$ – very affordable
$$ – affordable
$$$ – moderately expensive
$$$$ – expensive
$$$$$ – very expensive


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