Look of the Day – Your Majesty

We took our inspiration from the Ancient Egyptians today but adding some winter 2012 edge.  When we think of Ancient Egypt or any infamous ancient royalty we immediately picture very rich colors and gold accessories to die for.  We started with this emerald green maxi skirt and then our minds wandered to an Aaliyah – Queen of the Damned moment so we went for a bondage top to really peak our interest.  It may be easy to forget it’s winter with New England temperatures still floating around 50 degrees, but we recommend a very well tailored leather coat, preferably something with a high neck.  For accessories we did the Ancient Egyptian inspired necklace, a long gold cuff inspired by none other than Miss Cleopatra herself.  Your choice of rings: a medium green ring that’ll bring out the color of the skirt or more of a statement ring.  Grab a portfolio clutch and depending on your plans you can go with the Steve Madden Carnaby heel, which is much more comfortable than you make think, or a combat boot.  You might be a little afraid to pair a combat boot with a maxi skirt (or any skirt) but trust us, the 90s grunge look is flawless.

Top Shop harness corset top $46, Marc New York Trooper leather jacket $398, Spotted Moth green pleated maxi skirt $47, Joise Natori gold multi-strand wire cuff $425, Steve Madden Banddit boot $169, Steve Madden Carnaby $99, Asos portfolio clutch $36, Aldo necklace $18, Pagoda ring $170, Sahani Chuma medium ring $345.


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