Our Recipe for a Chic Superbowl Party

Okay, so there are a few of us out there who have never watched a football game in its entirety, never-mind the superbowl.  Blasphemous, we know, but one has no choice but to get a little excited about the event.  So this year, we have decided to set the DVR to record Miss Anna Wintour on 60 Minutes and park ourselves in front of the screen to watch the Superbowl [blankly] and the commercials we’ve all been anticipating.  So whoever you are rooting for you should definitely be gathered with friends… what better excuse to throw a party.  Here’s a recipe for an awesomely chic (and a bit girly) Superbowl party!

1. Revitalizing Face Mask

Why not prepare yourself for the game ahead with a little pre-Superbowl relaxation with a Phytomins Hydrating Face Mask.  “Honey, avocado & olive oils. Intense natural moisture. Prevents pre-mature aging. Revitalizes dull, lifeless skin. The best of science and nature. This velvety smooth, moisture boosting mask for dry, tired and thirsty skin contains the perfect mixture of natural California emollients and antioxidants to prevent and repair premature aging caused by environmental exposure. Honey, the perfect balance of sugar, vitamins and antioxidants, hydrates and heals irritation from pollution. Avocado Oil lipids replace essential skin moisture, while super-antioxidant and polyphenol-rich Olive Oil causes the skin to be more luminously radiant. Phytomins and vitamin C provide nutritional support for healthy cell renewal, firmness and resilience. Phytomins – a powerful blend of naturally skin nutritious, plant-based vitamins to slow the process and minimize the appearance of aging. Made in California.”  We shall!  It’ll only run you $9.99 at CVS. Grab a couple bottles and share with the girls.  Too many people coming over? Check out another favorite for more than half the price.

2. Root Beer Floats

If the kids are joining you for the festivities or if you’re not a huge fan of alcoholic consumption indulge in some delicious root beer floats.  Even if you’ll have plenty of booze at your party a root beer float is always a bit of fun.  Our favorite? Friendly’s ice cream with A&W root beer…in a proper glass.  Check out your local Dollar Tree shop (really? yea, we know!)  They’ve got plenty of glass beer mugs…for a dollar.





3.Cocktails for Everyone

Now for you cocktail drinkers out there make sure you have plenty of your favorite cocktails.  Now, its a party so make them as pretty as possible and have them ready when your guests arrive.  Stock up on cherries, olives, sugar…whatever you desire.

Here’s our favorite strawberry martini recipe.

4. Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Now, if you’re not a fan of beer (gross) but you still want to feel a part of the Superbowl maddness those cocktails are definitely not going to last you throughout the game so stock up on some Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  There’s just enough fruitiness to make it a delicious drink and just enough alcohol to make it a party!

5. Cupcakes

You absolutely cannot go through this party without cupcakes.  A little word of advice…buy them.  Try our favorite shop in Coolidge Corner, Party Favors of Brookline and call that in now!  No need to slave your amazing Superbowl Sunday away in the kitchen baking… we’ll save that for the salsa.  And have plenty there. No need to count calories during the Superbowl, duh.

6. Polish and Pamper

You can’t have an awesome spa day/Superbowl without plenty of polish. So, grab a few of your springtime favorites and have them ready for the girls to play with.  You might need a bit of a distraction if football isn’t your sport of choice.

And finally, be sure to get to the kitchen and whip up some of your favorite Superbowl Appetizers.  Try a few of these Food Network Recipes to get you started.  There will be nothing better than walking into your house/apartment/condo and smelling the aroma of homemade guacamole or salmon brucetta and your guests will appreciate it… ahh, we love Superbowl.

Let us know how your Superbowl Sunday goes…you know we want to see photos so share them on Facebook!



  1. […] course, we joined the millions of Americans watching the Superbowl last night.  We even threw that chic Superbowl party we were telling you about. But we were secretly more excited to see Madonna perform with Miss Minaj […]

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