This Week’s Giveaway – IL Studded Vest

This Isabella Louis studded vest retails for $85 so enter to win now. Comment on this post to enter!

Increase your chances by liking The Boston Bazaar on Facebook and sharing the photo, retweeting, reblogging or emailing your contact information to



  1. KristenMcGraw1212 says:

    I found my love.

  2. Wow, That vest is amazing, I really wanna win this! I see really swaggy outfit for that

  3. bethany zimmermann says:

    what a gnarly vest

  4. i ADORE this vest! i would love to have this..looking for some in some stores are kinda hard.

    • Asha Isabella says:

      Hey Shana, We have some in our shop online! And we’re doing a 4 hour flash sale tomorrow so you can get up to 30% off. Go to!

  5. oliviaahlqvist says:

    omg this was to lovely! to my black high-waisted shorts and jeffrey campbells. also curly hair. so easy but so gorgeous!

    my email:

  6. Latisha Daughtry says:

    I would love to have this vest to help aid me in building my wardrobe on my fashion conscious journey!!!

  7. Jackets like this one rock my world, literally. They give a touch of rock and roll to any outfit, bringing your clothes from plain jane to alternative bad ass. It can be used with anything from skirts to pants, to heels or boots. You can even add a hat to give it an even more alternative look.

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