Desperately Seeking Summer

We’re still waiting for Spring to give us a bit of commitment. This on an off again situation is pretty torturous…to our wardrobes.  The weather may be putting you in a drab mood. We can’t seem to get out of the forties and the rain just will not go away.  No worries, just because you decided to leave those pink suede Steve Maddens in the closet until you can go out and play does not mean you still can’t have some summer inspired fun.
One, we’re throwing on a pair of shorts. Now, this is New England so you may have to throw on a pair of tights and we won’t hate you for it.  We’re feeling a little punk. Show mother nature your rebellious side. Grab a pair of shorts with a print. Studs definitely will not hurt any.  Pair them with a light top, something silk or sheer. You’ll realize stud embellished shorts are enough weight for any one outfit so go light on top.  You also want some movement. Don’t stiffen your outfit.  When going for a jacket grab something that looks like it can move, something cropped, but something that will keep you warm.  Throw on a chunky pair of platforms, feed your wrist some arm candy and decorate your fingers with jewels and metal.
Simple enough… happy May!

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