Turn Up the Spice

Looking for a different scene this Cinco de Mayo? Well, Boston is offering the usual but if you’re craving something a little chic and dangerously fun – throw a party!  Take some time out to celebrate Mexican heritage and indulge in some tequila and tortillas.

1. Start with the perfect party host ensemble. Check out our Look of the Day for tips on taking some Mexican inspiration and creating a great ensemble for the day.

2. Welcome your guests with the classic shot of Tequilla. Grab the lime, the salt, and our favorite Tizoc Tequila Blanco. Get your guests in the mood the moment they walk through the door.

3. Kiwi Margaritas: Break away from the classic margarita and play it up with an exotic fruit. AllRecipes.com has the perfect party recipe that blends the tasty fruit with a bit of tequila.

4. Your guests will definitely be expecting plenty of drinks but you cannot forget to feed their appetites and taste buds with some Mexican hors d’oeuvres. The Taqueria Style Tacos – Carne Asada from AllRecipes.com is a sure way to win your guests over. Go with chicken if you’re not a huge beef fan and serve the vegetarians guacamole and tortillas. They’ll be satisfied.

5. Set the mood – You’ll want things to pick up as the night goes on but start off with some music that will add a bit of Latin flare to the scene. We’re into Jesse Cook. Set the Pandora and see where the night goes.

Take tons of photos and share them with us on Facebook and Twitter! We’d love to know how you spent this Cinco de Mayo.


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