Total 90s Moment

Total 90s Moment
Yes, we did indeed go there. We started the day off with a bit of Balmain inspiration…clearly we strayed. We still wanted to stick to the tiny shorts:over-sized shirt combination that we loved from the spring 2012 collection but then we came across Jeffrey Campbell Revel. Bet you can guess which one that is – oh yea, the 4.5 inch black and white stripped platform boots.  Not everyone has a latent desire to be the sixth Spice Girl so we threw in a pair of cognac Steve Madden Oakley – a fair combination, easy to walk in, and perfect for the season.  If you’re still in the mood for a pair of platforms we threw in another Jeffrey Campbell option, and for $65 you can’t blame us.
The weather is still playing games with us so if you need to throw on a cardigan have some fun with it. We like the way the colors of the Miso cardigan paired with the red shorts. Keep the jewels super simple. And for the backpack…throw it over your shoulder, the super cool look is definitely in right now. Don’t let anyone think you tried very hard… don’t let anyone think you tried at all.

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