Preview of Tomorrow Night’s Girls

Our Sunday line up is pretty intense and we’re proud. Tomorrow awaits the season finale of Mad Men, the second episode of Drop Dead Diva, the season premiere of TRUE BLOOD, and episode 9 of Girls. Girls left us a little disappointed last week and we can’t quite put our finger on it but we’re […]

A Series Hit: Jane by Design

ABC Family has definitely grabbed our attention.  Already going into the third week of their winter season they are home to some of our favorite shows this season: The Lying Game, Switched at Birth, and the brand new hit Jane by Design.  Now for all of you Gossip Girl and 90210 lovers there is definitely […]

From Cape Cod to American Idol

Siobhan Magnus was just a small town Cape Cod girl before making it all the way to the American Idol Main Stage in Los Angeles. Despite being launched into the public eye, she has done it on her own terms and maintained her own uniqueness. The Boston Bazaar was lucky enough to sit down with […]