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WE’VE MOVED and we took the kids (aka our archive) S0 come check us out at TheBostonBazaar.com/Fashion no more .wordpress for us!

Meet Our Cover Girl – Megan

Teenage Wasteland – Remember that one time you took your big sis’ party invite…and her clothes. No? Oh, yea, us either… Well anyway, photographed and styled by Asha Isabella, we grunged Megan out and took her on an imaginary journey through the best party of her life.  Clothes by Isabella Louis and shoes by Steve […]

Bazaar Eye Fashion Week at a Glance

Avni Trivedi “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

by Yaritza Pena Avni Trivedi is a native of India where the local art and culture has served as an inspiration to her clothing to this day. Avni focuses on offering fashion collections that are environmentally responsible and support the centuries-old artisan cottage fabric-making industry in India. For her Boston Fashion Week presentation, Avni Trivedi […]

MFA College Night & FNO Boston

We love the chance to mingle with our city folk, especially when there are freebies involved.  College night at the MFA is always a great time and FNO Boston definitely put itself on the map this year.  Here are some of our favorite photos.

Behind the Scenes

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